Tom Dowds has over 30 years experience in construction in which he has managed a huge amount of construction developments. Over the past 12 years Tom has gained expertise in managing FE construction departments.

As part of the enrichment programme for students, Tom ran numerous projects across Europe and Africa. To name a few, Tom managed a waste house project in Brighton, the refurbishment of social housing and the restoration of an 18th century Chateau in Normandy.

He is currently running a project in Nakura, Kenya which provides facilities for schools and orphanages. Some of the facilities he has helped to provide include classrooms, kitchens and housing for some of the poorest children and families in and around Nakuru.

Tom is passionate about offering an enriching and engaging programme of learning that will inspire young people to realise their potential. He also wants to promote the importance of self reliance and students using their initiative. He wants all students at the Aldridge KSD Construction Academy to successfully progress on to further or higher education or on to employment.

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